Best Economical Car to go for

Fuel efficiency is on most motorist’s mind these days and the UK has a host of economical cars which are masters at saving money on fuel. The cost of running a car is a real burden so I have compiled a list of the most economical cars on sale to help. Identifying the most economical car to run isn’t straightforward and there are many variables to consider as a car which may be cheap to run for one motorist but might not deliver the goods for another.

The first economical car to make my list is the Used Toyota Prius+. This particular car is perfect for a buyer looking for an economical family car. The Prius+ is a large seven-seater MPV version of the popular Used Toyota Prius. The Prius+ Is the only seven-seater on the market emits less than 100g/km of CO2. The ride isn’t the most thrilling and is a car which is mainly driven slowly and smoothly, so if speed is what you’re looking for than look elsewhere. The car comes with high levels of standard equipment you might expect but unfortunately the car has a high price tag and has a short electric-only range so not ideal if it’s for motorway drives.

The next economical car which makes the list is the Honda CR-V. If you’re looking for an SUV than look no further, the interior of the CR-V is spacious, with a big boot and also seats which can fold completely flat to offer extra load space. The car has a quality build and lots of equipment which rivals car such as the Second Hand BMW X3. In terms of economy it can offer 62.8mpg and CO2 emissions which means road tax is only £30 for the year if you go for the two-wheel drive 1.6-litre diesel. The negatives with this car is it’s not as much of an off-roader as it might make out and it’s available in five-seater only.

The Used Renault Grand Scenic is the next car to make the list. Like the Prius+ it’s an MPV but not electric. This also has seven-seats and has an extremely flexible cabin, and perfect for those with large families or for families with lots of baggage. The Energy DCi 110 can get nearly 70mpg and is the model to go for if you want cheap running costs, the emissions mean it’s only £20 to tax each month. The car is also value for money as a whole the only thing letting it down is the styling is a little bland and the reliability of the vehicle.

The Skoda Fabia is one for those looking for a cheap, basic supermini. The Fabia is based on the Second Hand Volkswagen Polo but at a more cut-price (obviously with lower quality interior and without the premium badge). The Second Hand Skoda Fabia is a practical, comfortable drive and in terms of economy the most efficient model will do 83mg and 89g/km of CO2, making it exempt from road tax and is one of the cleanest cars with an internal combustion engine available today. The fabia sounds perfect but it does come with some downfalls such as it has particularly poor handling, cheap looking interior and the equipment levels are poor especially on the base spec.

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